For all the wild gamers, Lucky Patcher is an essential hacking application. With the help of this app, the majority of Android games can be altered for optimum enjoyment. We can modify various system in a variety of methods thanks to it as well. Lucky Patcher is a fantastic programme that enables you to do many great things, including block adverts, delete or change system apps, get around licencing verification, change permissions, and a lot more. Even though Lucky Patcher needs remote access, you can still complete a number of operations on non-rooted devices. However, in order to utilise every feature of this cracking utility, you should root your device. An Android device can be rooted in a variety of methods. On the XDA-Developers Forum, you may read about how to develop your Android phone.


App Name Lucky Patcher
Version v11.4.4
Size 10.2 MB
Android Requirement 4.4+
Official Website
MOD Features Block ads
Total Downloads 1 Billion +
Price Free
Developer ChelpuS
Last Update Just Now

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Most Android users these days want to change games, but some find it challenging because there are so many processes required. In comparison, Lucky Patcher is a straightforward tool that can MOD any game or alter its rights with just a few clicks. Hill Climb Racing,  Subway Surfers, Rail Rush, Temple Run, , Highway Rider, and many other games can all be root-ed with Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher escapes Google Play’s resource system thanks to clever programming. This makes it straightforward to buy items for any game in-app without spending real money.

Lucky Patcher


You can disable ads in installed games and apps in addition to modifying the programme to continue using them uninterrupted. This utility works well on rooted Android phones running 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or later. It is 6.5 MB in size and requires only a small amount of memory. The app’s strongest trait is the range of languages it supports. By using Lucky Patcher, you can use the premium versions of many apps for free. Despite the fact that Lucky Patcher is a safe application, Google has classified it as a virus. It is highly secure for any smartphone but besides being an instrument for modification.

Lucky Patcher APK

The Android software Lucky Patcher makes it simple to modify all third-party games and applications. Users of this app can disable licencing verification, delete system programmes, restrict adverts, modify permissions, and more. The majority of apps and games are supported, enabling users to enjoy all paid features without restrictions.

You probably already know that most widely used apps and games have adverts, and even then, not all of their advanced features are offered for free. For it, you must purchase a subscription or licence. We are all having the same issue, which is really disturbing. In this case, Random Patcher Apk is beneficial. The app removes all constraints and boundaries, so you are free to do whatever you want. It is also highly approachable for new users, so anyone can use the app on their phone for free.

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Features of Lucky Patcher: 

Features of Lucky Patcher:  This app is frequently updated to support the majority of Android devices. This app has the following features:

It removes ads

When irrelevant advertisements show up while we are using an application or playing a game, the majority of us find them irritating. We are frequently prevented from playing by these ads. You don’t need to worry about it anymore as you can effortlessly eliminate the unnecessary and irrelevant adverts with the use of Lucky Patcher. You only need to select a few times to remove pointless advertisements. The removal of ads enhances your gaming experience.


It facilitates gaining access to limitless game resources such as coins and jewels.

With the aid of this fantastic utility, you can access infinite coins, keys, and other game resources. By changing your application using Lucky Patcher, you can enjoy any game, use any character, tool, vehicle, or game resource with ease.

LP Lightweight & Safe 

The 6.5 MB size of the software means that it uses very little of your device’s memory and uses very little resources. The app is free to download and supports numerous languages. Google classifies the Lucky Patcher app as adware, but this is incorrect because it is a modified version that contains the source code for a number of different apps that can be patched. The software is totally secure and reliable.

It facilitates open access to paid applications.

We frequently use the internet to obtain paid apps for free, but we can’t run them because of a licence verification problem. Custom patches included with Lucky Patcher enable it to avoid almost any application’s authentication steps. As a result, you can use even paid applications for free.

Any software can be converted to a system app.

Using Lucky Patcher, you can turn any application into a system app if you want to retain it permanently installed on your Android device. Any app can be copied to the system’s subdirectory and turned into a pre-installed app this way.


It facilitates programme transfer to the memory card.

Moving memory-intensive apps to the memory card will free up space if the main storage of your mobile phone is nearly full. The assistance of Fortunate Patcher makes this simple to accomplish.

Paying for Apps:

You want to make use of certain paid applications that you have to purchase. we can use many paid applications for free by downloading the lucky patcher app to our Android device instead of spending that money. You will have access to functions of paid applications. That will help you also save tonne of money! Spend that money on a coffee, then unwind with Lucky Patcher by clicking a few times to access the game’s premium features.

Backing up significant data is beneficial.

Using Lucky Patcher, you can quickly backup your essential files. You can save the record of the application in an external file using its “take backup function.” Then, you can upload this to your PC or the cloud. You can quickly retrieve the info from the saved addresses in the future.

Give the program some Permission to Operate

To make editing easier when using Lucky Patcher, you should think about changing a few application permissions. You can rapidly learn about the various levels of permission, one of which is the requirement to root the smartphone. If you want to alter some of the characteristics of the device, rooting has become no longer a novel feature. At the exact  time, it also needs a particular modifying ability, so you shouldn’t take a chance if you don’t have it.

Main Features:

Removing Different Features: Require Rooted Devices.

Avoid Annoying Ads.

Lightweight & Safe: Supports Top 5 Games.

Easy Transfer: Patching and Modifying Files in a Format.

A Good Solution for Trying to unlock Levels, Tools, Characters, Coins, and Other Resources in Games.

Millions of Players Use the App for Taking Free In-App Purchases.

How does this patcher work?

We’ll be enabled to see each application highlighted with a distinct colour once we’ve mentioned all the applications. Each of these hues denotes something different:

  1. Green indicates a registrable programme.
  2. Yellow: These apps require particular patches.
  3. Blue: Contains Google advertisements.
  4. Purple: start-up menu application.
  5. Red: You cannot register or fix this app.
  6. Orange: A system software that the programme advises against changing in order for your phone to keep functioning properly.


  • For the best performance, your gadget must comply with the system requirements, which are crucial.
  • Here, we provide you with a complete list of prerequisites.
  • Processor: Octa-Core with 1.8GHz Performance [Recommended SD 625]
  • RAM: Minimum 3GB or 4GB
  • Storage: 10MB;
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or later;
  • Permissions: Wi-Fi, Camera, and Phone Storage


Is it Secure to Use Lucky Patcher APK?

Using Lucky Patcher Apk on Android-powered devices and tablets is safe. Make sure to download the Lucky Patcher original Apk from this website so that you can be positive it is secure and functional.

Why Is This Program Not Available On Google Play?

With the help of this tool, Android users can avoid in-app purchases and get rid of the ads that reduce the profitability of app makers. However, it can also be used as a cracking instrument. Thus, the Play Store does not have the programme. However, you can obtain it from our official site without worrying.

What Fortunate Patcher Is Exactly?

There are more than 2 billion Android consumers worldwide. Limitations irritate and upset the majority of Android users. You may need to purchase this app’s pro edition in order to proceed with this, which is why you are frustrated by the message. I’m referring to a program that can overcome these restrictions. The program is called Lucky Patcher.

With the help of this app, you can block advertisements, delete or alter system apps, evade licence verification, change app permissions, and much more!


A number of fascinating games and applications are growing in popularity every day. The only issue that the majority of Android users have is that many apps and games have in-app payments. Users must part with their hard-earned cash in order to access all of an app’s functions or to unlock game resources. As a result, they search for various tools and techniques to hack the applications. Hacking is a difficult endeavour, though. Hacking any app is challenging because there are many intricate stages involved.

Thankfully, Lucky Patcher is accessible. Starting with Android 2.3.3, almost all Android phones are compatible with this cracking utility. The only prerequisite for using this programme is root access. Before installing the app, you must root your device for it to work correctly. However, this app is also usable on non-rooted smartphones. Some Lucky Patcher functions are also accessible on non-rooted devices. Overall, it is an essential tool for anyone who wants to play games nonstop and have access to paid  apps.