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Lucky Patcher App – How to make in-app purchases for FREE

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Well if you are not sure what Lucky Patcher app actually is? I’m here to explain you about the app and how useful and interesting it is. Lucky Patcher is an amazing app which is one of its kind that we can use on rooted as well non-rooted devices. When it comes to buy the premium version of any app, we become quite hesitant, well that’s a sure thing, but by means of this Lucky Patcher app we can get many premium app services absolutely for free, yes for FREE! Though we can get those premium app services for free doesn’t mean it will work all the time, so you may use it for a trial or to trick your friends, just for fun, that’s it.

Lucky Patcher is absolutely harmless to your device so don’t think that your device may get harmed by using this app on it. We always trying to increase the level of Lucky patcher (betterment of the app) everyday, however some minor issues may pop up. The reach of Lucky Patcher app is so far that it tries to support almost every game and app, however few premium games and apps doesn’t allow lucky patcher to work on it. We all know that everyday Play store adds thousands of games and apps so it is quite obvious that making patches for them all is near to impossible. For this reason, we highly recommend you to use popular apps and games to enjoy the benefits of Lucky Patcher app.

Unlike other cracking apps, Lucky Patcher is a different sort of app, it is not designed for that purpose specifically. However, the app has got some illegality issues and you may not get it directly from the play store, but it offers wide range of features which may help the user in numerous ways. As mentioned earlier, Lucky Patcher app allows the user to purchase any in-app stuff for free, isn’t that great? The app is powerful and has the ability to remove the license verification option. This includes all those apps that require them to be downloaded from the Google play store in order to work. In order to make backups it directly extracts the apk file. The app also helps us in removing all Google ads from the other apps, so we can use other apps without any disturbance caused by those unwanted ads.

How to Make Free in-App Purchases using Lucky Patcher

  • Make sure your device is rooted. Download Lucky Patcher app apk and install it on your device. Follow the following methods to make in-app purchases for free.

First Method:

  1. After installation, open the lucky patcher app.
  2. Now select any app (or apps) you want to hack in-app purchase.
  3. Now go to open menu of patches
  4. Now select the “Support” patch for Inapp and LVL emulation.
  5. You are almost done, now tap on “Apply”
  6. In a few moments the apps you have selected will be unblocked and you can make free in-app purchase.

Second Method

  1. Open the Lucky Patcher app
  2. Now go to the bottom and tap on the tool box
  3. Now Locate “patch to android
  4. Tap on it, and then click on all the options given and then tap apply
  5. Now your device will reboot, so you have to wait for few moments.
  6. Close the app
  7. Now open the app you want to make in-app purchase
  8. Now move to the buying sector of the app and tap on buy something
  9. Lucky Patcher app will open automatically and you will get an option “do you want to get this item for free” it may vary.
  10. Well you are done now, just tap on “yes” and that’s all. Now you can enjoy everything for free.

Some useful features of Lucky Patcher App

  • Lucky Patcher helps the user to deactivate all ads, that really cause irritation while using any app.
  • It helps the user to remove the important license verification
  • Easy removal of Google ads
  • Creates apk backup file for all the apps you have on your device
  • You can easily unlock any paid or premium app and install them hassle-free on your device
  • The originality of the app is detected instantly
  • The app uses various colors to show the compatibility of an app on your device.

So by now you have completely understood what lucky patcher is, and what benefits you can get once you have installed it on your device. Well this app is safe to use, so no worries at all. However, you may counter some minor problems with some gaming apps which contains a strong security process. So what are you waiting for download Lucky Patcher App and make in-app purchases absolutely free. Get the app NOW.