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Lucky Patcher is an app which gives you control over other apps and their permissions that are installed on your device. Using this quintessential app, one can delete data, create backups for the apps, change permissions for the apps and much more. All you need to do is root your device and get hold of the app. Launching Lucky Patcher onto your device is just like installing any other app. Once you’ve installed and launched it, you can see a list of apps that are installed on your device, and you can just tap on any of them to see different options like uninstall, access tools, delete data, app’s info, etc.

lucky patcher apk download

In other words, Lucky Patcher APK works more like a modded Play Store that lets you take control of all the apps that are installed on the Android device and you are given entire control over every app without any limitations. The special tools listed in Lucky Patcher might even give you interesting elements, run the app in critical conditions, deactivate ads and enables you to create modded APKs based on your own preferences. 

About Developer:

lucky patcher cheplus

Lucky Patcher has been developed by a famous App developing group under the name Chelpus. In case if you have any issues regarding Lucky Patcher, you can always contact them for support. These days, the apps are being cracked on a global level to trespass the limitations, break the in-app purchases. The exodus revolution to the Freemium apps has put unpredictable brakes on privacy levels. Lucky Patcher is one such app which is not exclusively designed for cracking the apps, but it offers many modded apps that might be of greater help in certain situations.

Lucky Patcher actually when installed on your Android device analyzes the list of apps, and it also indicates the performable actions. Using Lucky Patcher, you can remove the license verification which is normally included in all the Google apps requiring for the downloads. The app modifies permissions associated with the apps, it extracts the APK files for backups and also allows you to perform illicit actions like unlocking in-app purchases, unlocking paid apps, removing Google ads from the apps even after installing them on the devices. The only requirement that Chelpus have is that your device should be rooted to use Lucky Patcher. You can use tools like KingRoot, TowelRoot even when you’re not skilled in rooting the device. After installing the app on your device and running it, you can also get color codes indicating the compatibility of the tool.

Color Compatibility with Lucky Patcher:

  1. Yellow: A specific patch is available for the app.
  2. Blue: It includes Google Ads
  3. Green: The app is disconnected from Google Play Store
  4. Orange: The System App
  5. Purple: The Startup App of the system
  6. Red: The app can’t be modified.

Although some of the operations listed above are illegal, the others help you deal with the apps and get control over the apps easily. For example, if you have an app which is associated with Google Play; you can’t simply update or install anything from external sources and forces you to only use the official store which might annoy people. Therefore, Lucky Patcher extracts such apps and deletes all kinds of permissions making them run on the Android devices and making them compatible even for devices on which the vanilla version is not actually compatible.

Features of Lucky Patcher APK:

The Lucky Patcher is an app which offers a lot of other info apart from what all has been mentioned above. It is helpful with many features ranging from the associated permissions to the modded descriptions of the apps. All you need to do is have a minimum Android version required to run this app on the device, and it gives you a distinctive vision of which app is original and which is modified. It also gives you the status of trustworthiness of the app that you have downloaded from a dusty corner of the internet.

  1. Lucky Patcher is one of the apps that allows the user to control installed apps on the Android device.
  2. It also removes the license of the premium apps that are downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  3. Lucky Patcher displays all the apps on the homepage of it, and you can also see the details about all the apps in a go.
  4. You can delete excessive data, information or uninstall the app, on the whole, using Lucky Patcher.
  5. Lucky Patcher gives you a full-fledged view of the app’s info, and you can change the information by modding the app.
  6. It removes all those Google Ads that are placed in the app.
  7. You can restore the apps, create backups and also restore them later when things go wrong by booting the patches.
  8. Lucky Patcher has color codes available making things easier for people where each color indicates different operation in the app.
  9. By applying a custom patch to the app using Lucky Patcher, you can create a modified application or make the application pro. You can also solve any compatibility errors.
  10. Using Lucky Patcher, you can easily update the applications without searching for further updates. You can also clear cache of the app without rebooting the device at all.
  11. Lucky Patcher also helps you in making in-app purchases without letting the Google Play Store know.

How to Download Lucky Patcher App?

  1. To download the Lucky Patcher App, you can get the APK file directly from the website here or any other third party source.
  2. After downloading the file from here, go to the notification bar and access it from there.
  3. However, you need to allow your Android device to download from unknown sources before that. This can be done by moving to Settings>Security.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and check the box near “Unknown Sources” to download the APK file. From the notification bar, click on file to install it.
  5. Tap on ‘Install’ and wait for the device to be done with the installation process.

Why do you need Lucky Patcher APK?

Most of the applications that are downloaded from Google Play Store have license verifications. You can remove such applications and create modded applications using Lucky Patcher. You can install any application on your device and bypass all the errors that you usually encounter while downloading transferred apps from other devices with a single click.  Lucky Patcher APK saves up mobile space on your device, and the application works perfectly well with rooted devices.

Latest Release Versions:

The latest version of Lucky Patcher that has been released is the Lucky Patcher 6.4.5 version which has all the updated custom patches. The translations are also updated after fixing the bugs, and the ARM64 Android Patches are also updated.

Lucky Patcher Version History:

Version 6.4.4

  1. Modded Google Play updated to v7.3.07.K.
  2. Android patches for ARM updated.
  3. Custom patches updated.
  4. Translations updated.
  5. Bugs fixed.

Version 6.4.1

  1. “Disable signature verification in the package manager” not supported now, working “as is”.
  2. Fix proxy server for new Google Play.
  3. Custom patches updated.
  4. Translations updated.
  5. Bugs fixed.

Version 6.3.9

  1. Patch for some apps on Android 4 fixed.
  2. Custom patches updated.
  3. Bugs fixed.

Version 6.3.7

  1. Xposed module on some firmware fixed.
  2. Android patch for CM14 on ARM64 fixed.
  3. Translations updated.
  4. Bugs fixed.

Lucky Patcher FAQs:

Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

Yes. Till date, around 20 million users have downloaded the Lucky Patcher, and there has been not a single evidence of any image being damaged because of the app. It does not contain any malicious software, and therefore, it is 100% safe to use. However, you might come across few errors from the Google Play Store because of the internet connection and some other reasons which are manageable.

Game Developers: Recently, games like Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Snapchat are blocking users who are using the modified apps through third party apps. Lucky Patcher uses an undeniable technique to hack these games, and the app goes unidentified while connecting to the server and therefore, the safety is assured from this angle as well where you won’t lose any game data.

Government: Lucky Patcher is not officially held illicit by the government, and none of the officials can take action against you just because you’re using it. Till you use the app in a healthy way, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Does Lucky Patcher support all apps and games?

Lucky Patcher supports all the apps and games which are prominent, and it is not possible to make it work for every app even though it contains a larger database because each app is designed in a different way and therefore, the security payment tends to be different from everyone of them. To modify the game, one has to trespass the default security system and modify it. This is why some apps might not be compatible with Lucky Patcher, and sometimes it also depends on your luck which is why the app is named as ‘Lucky Patcher’. On the top, one has to be a little skilled to use the app in order to make it work on an odd app by choosing the right mode among the possibilities that are available for the license verification.

How does Lucky Patcher work?

Lucky Patcher works in a simple yet sophisticated way. It replaces the original code of an app with the modified version, and in some cases, it removes the entire code and creates a new code to get hold of specific features. So, after applying the patches by Lucky Patcher; you can remove the ads, license verification and all this because it removes the code written for the ads and the check ‘License’ option.

What’s the working procedure of Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher creates custom patches for each app, and through this, you can bypass the license verification of apps. However, these patches work only in 50% of the cases and the answer to why is maybe because of the tight security systems by the developers. It also blocks all the ads perfectly without any hassles and this feature has nothing to do with your luck. Lucky Patcher helps in hacking the inbuilt app purchases especially the non-server purchases. The server purchases are linked with the server and therefore, this might involve the server hacking.

Why is the Custom Patch not applied?

Lucky Patcher displays the apps with different options and one option among is thee ‘Custom patch available’ option. Even though it is written in the game, the patch might not be applied some times as the app you’ve installed on the device is entirely different from the custom patch that is available in the app. Therefore, read the description of the Custom Patch and then downgrade/upgrade the app to make it compatible with the patch.

Is Lucky Patcher, a malicious app?

Sometimes, Google Chrome might display the message saying, “The file can be harmful”. This message is normal for the apps that are downloaded outside the Google Play Store and it is more like a warning alert than anything else. So, yes, Lucky Patcher is not any kind of virus or malicious app.

Why is Lucky Patcher, so slow?

Lucky Patcher might tend to be slow and hanging a lot. It gets slouchy most of the times and the two bigger reasons behind that is either because the device is old and if your device has Gingerbread running on it. If these are the conditions behind the Lucky Patcher, you should try upgrading the device. Secondly, it might be because the app is not installed properly or if ou have some other superuser app which is obstructing the functionality. In such cases, install Busybox or SuperSU.

Is Lucky Patcher compatible with iOS devices?

Lucky Patcher is only available for the Android devices as of now. But as the developing world is on skating wheels, it would only be a while for the app to be made available for the iOS devices.

Why are there so many Lucky Patcher updates?

The apps that are being released on the Google Play Store are being updated so frequently that the custom patches released on Lucky Patcher are compatible with only one version of each app. Therefore, with each update of Lucky Patcher; you will get new custom patchers as well as the previous patches get outdated.

The Modded Play Store is not opening Error.

If the Modded Play Store is not opening after you have installed Lucky Patcher or if the Play Store is lost displaying a ‘Force Close’ prompt, then you should try ‘Clear Data’ option from the Settings>App Manager. If the Play Store is vanished from the system tray menu, you might have uninstalled the incompatible version and therefore, try getting the right one.

How to hack In-app Purchases using Lucky Patcher?

  1. Initially, download the latest Lucky Patcher APK version and install it on your device.
  2. Once after the installation is done, you can launch Lucky Patcher from the system tray menu. After opening the app, minimize it and then open the app in which you want to hack the inbuilt app purchases.
  3. Reach the purchase section in the store and click on ‘Buy’ or ‘Get’ that has been written over there. Now, the window opens itself in the Lucky Patcher instead of the Google Purchase Box.
  4. In this window, you will see a message saying, “Do you want to try this app for free?”. Click on ‘Yes’ if you are rooted user and click on ‘Send Reply’ if you are a Non-rooted user.
  5. By doing this, you have now hacked this purchase absolutely for free. Make sure that the app is supported by Lucky Patcher as some of the apps tend to fail during this procedure.
  6. This feature is automatically enabled the moment you have downloaded the Lucky Patcher. To disable it, you can open Lucky Patcher. Go to the tool box located at the bottom left and then click on ‘Disable Google Billing Emulation’ to make the apps work normal again.

How to hack Free Gems/ Free Coins using Lucky Patcher?

This is a bit tricky but yet to similar to hacking in app purchases. A thing to consider her is that most of the games that contain free games or free coins are server-sided games and therefore, it won’t be easy for you to just hack the Google Purchase. You need to hack the game as well which is why you need the custom patches for all these games. Through Lucky Patcher, the hacking of free coins will send a request to the original servers for verification of the request. By applying the custom patch available in the Lucky Patcher, you can bypass this verification and gain unlimited gems, coins, XP points, diamonds, lives and everything in a go.

How to get Modded Apps using Lucky Patcher?

Sometimes, you can use Lucky Patcher without using the phone and the only way to make it work is my making adequate changes to the vanilla version of the app when your phone is not rooted. You have to initially make a copy of the app using Lucky Patcher and then uninstall the original version to install the patched APK after applying the custom patch. To do this:

  1. Download the Lucky Patcher on your device and install it. Once you have installed the app, open it by launching from the home tray menu.
  2. Now, in the list of apps that are installed on your device, click the app that you want to modify.
  3. By clicking on the app you can see an option saying “Open Menu of the Patches”.
  4. Click on it and then click on the option, “Create Modded APK”. In case if a custom patch is available already, directly click on it. If not then go with “APK rebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation”.
  5. By doing this you will be asked to click “Rebuild the App”. Click on it and be patient for the patch to show success.
  6. If it shows success, it means that you’ve successfully cracked the app. If it is showing failure, it means that you can’t crack the specific app.
  7. Now, go to Settings>Apps and uninstall the original version. Once the uninstallation is complete, access the Modified APK and install it by clicking on ‘Install’ button.
  8. You can now use the app without any restrictions.

How to remove Google Ads using Lucky Patcher?

  1. To remove the Google Ads from a specific app, you should first open the Lucky Patcher after downloading the latest version.
  2. From the home page, either search for the app that you want to remove Google Ads from and select it.
  3. Now, go with the option, “Open Menu of Patches” and scroll down till you come across “APK without Google Ads”.
  4. Tap on it and wait for the Lucky Patcher to create a Modified APK of the same app.
  5. After that either rebuild the app or uninstall the vanilla version and install the Modified APK version to be Ad-free.

How to remove License Verification using Lucky Patcher?

  1. The process of removing license verification is same as removing the Google Ads from the app.
  2. To do this, launch the Lucky Patcher latest version after downloading it and installing it on your device.
  3. Go to the home page and select the desirable app from the list of apps that are already installed on your device
  4. Select that particular app and go with “Open Menu of patches”. From the list of patches available, select “APK without license verification”. Apply it and wait for the Lucky Patcher to create the Modified APK.
  5. Once it is done, either rebuild the app or install the Modified APK after uninstalling the original version.

How to create Backups of Android Apps using Lucky Patcher?

  1. To create the backup of the Android Apps on the device, you can use Lucky Patcher. The initial step involves the downloading and installation of Lucky Patcher latest version.
  2. After that, launch the app and go through the list of apps that are installed on your device. Select the app, and go through the options by clicking on it.
  3. After scrolling down, you can come across the option reading, “Clone the application”. Select it and wait for the Lucky Patcher to make a clone application. Once you’re done, you have now a backup of the application on your device.

Best Alternatives to Lucky Patcher for Android and iOS devices:

Lucky Patcher has been a savior for many Android and iOS users as it allows free app purchases, removes the Google Ads and it creates modified apps that too without charging a single penny. However, if you are someone who is not very comfortable with Lucky Patcher, there are couple of alternatives that you can adopt and here are the few latest ones:

  1. Creehack: If you are one of them who loves to play games on the mobiles, then Creehack is the best alternative that you can find which also allows you to get all the inbuilt app purchases entirely free of cost. The best thing about Creehack is that it won’t ask you to root your device like Lucky Patcher and all you need to do is just run the app in the background of your device. The only shortcoming is that it won’t allow you do anything else other than making free in-app purchases.
  2. Freedom APK: Another popular alternative to Lucky Patcher which allows you to gain unlimited coins, gems and lives. Freedom App is not available for all the apps, on the other hand and you need to root the Android device to use this app on it. One can create a pretentious Google Wallet where you can add fake money using Freedom and use this money to purchase things in other apps. It has a limited usage and you should be aware of the list of apps that are listed compatible to be used with the Freedom app.
  3. iAP Cracker: Everyone’s so focused around Android devices that I kind of feel bad for the iOS users. The reason behind this is because the Apple’s security is too tight to be breached and therefore, it is not easy to simple hack the store. Therefore, one has to jailbreak their device before installing the iAS Cracker. After installing the app make sure that you are using it right as it acts as a payment gateway for all the in-app purchases where you don’t have to spend a penny.
  4. iAPFree iOS 9.3.3: As one of the best alternative developed for Lucky Patcher, it works the same as the above mentioned app. You can get the app from the Cydia store and install it to get hold of all the premium versions of the iOS Apps.

Some other alternatives that are launched recently in the market include iAPCrazy, RomPatcher+. AppSara and LeoPlay Card. However there are few traditional apps that have been offering certain features like Lucky Patcher and lets draw some parallel comparison between both of them.

Lucky Patcher Vs Framaroot:

Framaroot is nothing but a single click app used to install the Superuser or su binary which enables the Lucky Patcher to work on your device. It is only compatible with the Android devices with the operation system greater than 2.0 and above but it is limited to the recent versions. One thing to know about Framaroot is that it nullifies your warranty. Framaroot is an independent rooting tool exclusively designed for the Android devices with a standalone durability and functionality through which the users can change the rooting procedure on their own. It has been developed by Alephzain, XDA developers and is a solution to the demand of SuperSU. Using Framaroot APK, you can root your device in few minutes and the customization if offers is truly incredible and equally well like Lucky Patcher. All you need to do is just install the app and start customizing it according to your own preferences.

Lucky Patcher Vs XmodGames:

Xmod Games is quite similar with a clone functionality as Lucky Patcher. It is an app that helps in creation of the modded apps and it can also act as one of the most amusing Gaming assistant. By using Xmod Games, you can modify the game, the score, the number of coins, the number of gems, the XP points, the number of items easily without facing any issues or the trouble of hacking the game using other tools or apps. It is a bit easier when compared to Lucky Patcher but it also works only with rooted devices. In case if the device is not rooted, you have to root the device first and then install this app to use it. The only drawback it holds is that it can only modify the Android Games and if you’re looking for an app that modifies the apps too; Lucky Patcher is much preferable.

Lucky Patcher Vs Freedom APK:

If you’re beginner who’s interesting in modifying the apps, then Lucky Patcher is the best option for you as it won’t give you any issues like rebooting of the device, black screen etc. It is very much recommended for apps with minimal security. But if you want to be more successful in modifying the app, it’s better you use Freedom where things are more organized. Lucky Patcher patches the app by creating a custom patch but Freedom fakes the Play Store with wallet and gift cards temporarily which is why it seems to be more real than Lucky Patcher. On the other hand, Lucky Patcher comes with many options and is entirely flexible that it can be served as a multi purpose tool unlike Freedom app which has a single functionality.

Lucky Patcher Vs Game Hacker:

With the same features as Lucky Patcher, Game Hacker is going to provide you with an option titled as Fuzzy Search. Using this search option, you can access the database full of resources about different games. Apart from this, it also helps you in adding gems, coins, lives and XP points to your game based on the availability automatically. For example if you want to modify the coins in the game, you need to open the Game Hacker; search for this specific app and choose among the sources that are available and then edit the score to the required number. Game Hacker gives you freedom to manipulate the games but if you are looking to modify the apps and do much more than gaining free coins and items; Lucky Patcher is the option.

Lucky Patcher Vs Game Killer:

Game Killer APK is again an app like the Game Hacker that helps you in modification of coins, gems, points, lives and XP points of the Android Games. The technique through which the app works is by modifying the memory of the games. This app has been prominent in the gaming world with around 10 million downloads because of its simple functionality. According to the statistics, it is also one of most downloaded gaming app in the genre on Play Store. The Game Killer is powerful and easy to use as it supports hundreds of games and is compatible with both Marshmallow and Lollipop versions.

Lucky Patcher Vs King Root:

KingRoot has been the King of the rooting apps and the name serves right for the functionality it holds. By installing KingRoot on the device, you can root the device in few seconds as long as you have an operating system that is greater than Android 4.2.2/ The app is in chinese, but it allows you to do everything in few seconds where you have to wait for the blue button after launching the app. Tap on it and let the app finish the rooting. But, KingRoot doesn’t work well with all the devices and it shows some kind of errors with particular devices therefore root the device and then install Lucky Patcher in order to modify the apps.

How to root your Android device for Lucky Patcher?

Rooting a device is like the Android jailbreaking which means you’re unlocking all the barriers of your device and getting entire control over your device. You’re unlocking the operating system so that you can delete the bloatware, change the default settings, replace firmware, underclock the processor, update the software, install third party apps. This exactly is why Lucky Patcher requires your device to be rooted because it modifies the APK files and creates Modified APKs. For a person who is not involved in technology, rooting might seem to be a very technical word and rooting a device without knowing anything is infact scary. One single mistake and you might end up ruining the whole thing.

However, over the years rooting apps and tools are developed to make things easier just with a single click. You can either root a device directly by using the rooting apps like KingRoot or use the computer in order to root your device.

Using Android App: The easiest and more reasonable way to root the device is by installing the rooting apps. The entire rooting process is done with just a single click. The only difficult part involved is to get the app onto your device as most of the rooting apps are not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, one has to download the apps from a third party source, allow the device to download apps from unknown sources and then install the rooting app manually. In case if the app is not being downloaded directly from the mobile browser, you can download the APK on your computer and transfer it to the device using an USB, Bluetooth, ShareIt or email it. After the installation is done, tap on the option saying, “One Click Root” and wait with patience. Within a minute to minute and half, your device will be rooted without any obstructions. In case if it is crashing, uninstall the APK and install again before trying.

Using Desktop:

  1. To do this, download the Windows version of the rooting software. For example, download KingRoot and be sure that you left few options unchecked while downloading in order to avoid other downloads. Also, decline any kind of incursions while doing this.
  2. Now, connect your device to the computer using USB debugging and make sure that your phone has an android version greater than 4.0. Go to the Settings before you connect the device and scroll down to the Developer Options.
  3. Check the option saying, “USB debugging” then click okay. In Android versions above 4.3, you have to click the debugging seven times till you receive the message, “You are now a developer”. Select “OK” to apply the changes.
  4. Run the downloaded rooting software on your Computer after connecting the phone to the PC using an USB cable. You will get a prompt asking “Allow USB debugging”. Click “OK” after clicking on “Always Allow from this computer”.
  5. Once it is clear that your device is connected, click “Root” and wait for the software to perform its actions.


After rooting your device, download the Lucky Patcher in order to modify your apps. Lucky Patcher is relatively safe to use and there are no complaints of any serious issues apart from occasional crashing involved in using this app. The app edits the files of the individual app and replaces the code to customize the game and bypass the boundaries set by the developers. Therefore, you can play any game free of cost, without ads and that too with additional features. In case if you have any doubts regarding the installation of the app or its usage, comment below so that we can get back to you with an appropriate solution. Please make sure that you are not downloading Lucky Patcher from untrustable sites as they might have incorporated malicious viruses in the file and when you download the app from such kind of sites, your entire device is going to be affected by that.